A growing awareness that the region of Aalst is almost exclusively linked to its yearly carnival festivities made a group of friends decide to start putting the city on the map for other events than carnival only. They bring a divers and wide range of music and cultural events under the name BosjOp. The idea is to bring an experience of music, lights and audiovisual effects that will dazzle and amaze the audience.

The range of events BosjOp organizes is mainly related around music festivals, different from the carnival music. But it is not limited to music events only!

We organize bus rides to interesting events from other event creators and we even are providing logistics to happenings like motorcycle rides.

Of course we cannot do this without the necessary funds and help. So if you run a business and are interested in boosting your company while pitching in to the success of BosjOp then don’t hesitate to contact us!